Program identifier two letters All reference numbers or specific reference number four digits or If more than four program identifiers are required fill in another RC59 form. RC59 E 18 Ce formulaire est disponible en fran ais. Our goal is to process RC59 forms within 15 business days from when we get them. Personal information is collected under the Income Tax Act Excise Tax Act and other legislation to administer tax benefits rebates elections and related programs. Protected B when completed...
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hello everybody here is another inspiring moment for you today on how to grow your accounting practice so this is for my Canadian Press so for my American friends either dont spend the time with me watching this video or maybe check the next one thats in this playlist but today for my Canadian friends Im talking about my experience with the new Canada Revenue Agency authorization request procedure so or process its so going to be a procedure here at more details so what is this as some of you may be aware this is as of July 26 2017 so this process we changed a little bit after this video most recently here in 2017 the earth e59 form changed for practice honors for us to represent a client basically whats now being made available to us is something thats far more streamlined now dont get me wrong its a little you know ambiguous right now to get this process which is the reason why Im creating this video today to tell you about my process unfortunately I can only articulate it to you I cannot show you my portal because it contains confidential information so the operation request is in replace of the RC 59 forms so that we can have online access to our clients files HSP payroll all that good stuff and then this is the Good Seats on how to do it so first of all I presume you already have an account as a practice owner with Canada Revenue Agency to represent a client theres a whole process for that right now I just presume me you have that now Im going to be looking to the side because Im going to walk through this on my page so once you log in to your representative client the first page you get is usually a welcome says welcome Jennifer Moore or something like that and you input either the Social Insurance numbers of business number that an organization or an individual which you already represent in this case we are trying to get representation for our client so this is the process again this is dated as a July 26 2000 17 and may change afterwards so if you scroll down a little bit under this section right under business number it says administration yeah this is literally like following the the goat of the garden path here so bear with me so under administration is a hyperlink for review and update why you would think its that I know its hidden okay its just hidden so when you do that review an update youre going to see your rep ID and your name and then youre going to see any businesses that are associated with that typically its your own practice now again this is all about how to get access to a clients file so bear with me under the business name it should be your practice mates so in my case its more detailed and its a hyperlink so you need to select that and then from there is where youre going to be able to request a representation confirmation number to represent a client again theyre with me okay so youre going to scroll down you need to do it for an individual or for a business because I dont do a lot of taxes anymore Anna mainly...